Play your best hand
Play your best hand

Poker Room

Head to our non-smoking poker room and ante up! Whether you're new to the game or you're a seasoned poker expert, we've got a game for you. Bring your buddies or pull up a chair and meet some new friends — you'll have a blast playing poker at Avi Resort & Casino!

The Avi Poker Room

Opens at 9AM daily and is located next to the Keno Lounge. Games offered include Texas Hold 'em and Omaha.

Daily Poker Room Promotions

  • Mixed Aces Cracked: Pays $25
  • Black Aces Cracked: Pays $100
  • Progressive Red Aces cracked: Starts at $150, goes up to $25 a day until hit, caps at $575 with one payout per session. There are three sessions per day.
  • Red Kings Cracked: Starts at $100 with one payout per session. There are four sessions per day.
  • Royal Flush: Pays $300
  • Straight Flush: Pays $100
  • Mixed Quads: Pays $25
  • Same Color Quads: Pays $50
  • Quads of the Day: Pays $100
  • We Offer Texas Hold 'em: 2-6 Spread Limit Full Kill, 2-4 Limit, 4-8 Limit Full Kill, 1-2 No Limit and 2-5 No Limit.

All Quads must have pocket pair hole cards and two on board.

See poker room for more details.